Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Beginning

       Hello to the blogging community. My name is Tandy, and as the title of my blog states I am an ex college student. Last fall I attended my first year of college at the University of Oklahoma. I loved it there and thrived, unfortunately not in the correct manner. I didn't spend enough time on my school work, and spent far too much time being social. I enjoyed every minute of it, but college requires a certain balance between social life and classes. That is why this summer I received a letter informing me that my grades would not allow me to return to school this fall. Not gonna lie, the news hit me hard, but I put on a happy face and kept going with my life. I think in a way I've started this blog so as to help deal with my feelings towards school. I think by posting about my successes and just rambling I will be able to keep my head up.
      Having said all that, I'll say a little more about me as a person to get things rolling. I'm a laid back, weird, fun person. My mind tends to be in a million places at once, which definitely makes for an interesting life. Hopefully this blog will reflect that. I don't really plan to have much structure to it, other than what I am writing will be whatever is on my mind at that point in time. At the moment I'm thinking about creating a blog, so it only makes sense that I am making one haha. 
       I'm really bad at procrastinating, and have a tendency to start projects with the full intention of going through with them, but forgetting about them after a few weeks. I hope that this project doesn't fail and whoever decides to read this derives entertainment from it for as long as they can stand to put up with my ramblings. 


  1. Tandy! I'm glad you're starting a blog. I'm so sorry to hear you won't be returning to OU in the fall...I don't know if you'll be staying in Tulsa now, but come visit Norman when you get the chance! We're really going to miss you. This blog is going to be so great. If you find yourself losing focus and interest or petering out, think of mini themes to write about, some thread you can spend 3-5 posts talking about. And use tags in your posts! They help categorize, and help other people find your blog! :))