Friday, December 7, 2012


 So in an earlier post I shared a bit of a story that I had started writing. I haven't really added much more to it since then, but what I have added I've really wanted to share lately. So I decided to post it on here. Some of it is what has already been posted, because I'm too lazy to edit it.

It’s raining……..
“John, are you there”……..
                The voice slowly fades away into the darkness surrounding me. I don’t know where I am anymore, but then again I don’t think I’ve ever known. My whole life I have felt like there has been a part of me missing. Now laying here on this rain soaked, blood splattered (My blood?), cobblestone road, I think I may have finally found it. The darkness is so comforting, supplying answers to all of the questions I have ever had. I feel like I should embrace it, while a part of me clings to that voice, that question: “John, are you there?”
                Suddenly a large blue, crackling, light tears the darkness apart. Instead of being wrapped in a comforting darkness I am thrust into a reality where I am gasping, screaming, and essentially bleeding to death. I long to return to the darkness, but there is a face looking down at me, a face warped with emotion. Rain soaked golden hair frames the face, and even though her makeup is running, and she looks scared half to death, she is still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. At that moment, nothing could drag me back to the darkness. I have something to cling to, a reason to stay, a woman to love!
                “Rhea…” I manage to gasp, tears streaming down my face.
                She grabs my hand and squeezes, I would do anything to take away the pain I see in her eyes. I’m immobilized by pain though. There is a long jagged slash in my chest, stretching from my right shoulder to my left hip. I hear sirens in the distance, I can only hope that they get here in time. Rhea looks up and the look on her face turns to pure terror. That’s when the screaming starts.
                All I can do is lay there and listen as the family trapped in the minivan behind me tries to get out. “Oh my god, it’s on fire!” Rhea screams, starting to stand up. I feel her start to let go of my hand, and the darkness starts to return, this time I know it won’t recede……….

                                                                       5 Years Later

                I was wrong.

                                                                                Chapter 1
                The first thing I feel is confusion. One minute I’m staring into Rhea’s face, the next I’m looking into a harsh light that hurts my eyes. Before I can try to process the transition I hear a loud crash from a few feet away. A woman wearing green scrubs is standing over a tray of food that she obviously just dropped. “Oh my god, he’s awake!” she almost yells.
                “Where’s Rhea?” I manage to croak, but she doesn’t hear me in her excitement.

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  1. Tiny little bites...all delicious but leaving us hungry for more. Very well written and full of intrigue.